Many individuals write and e-mail us to say how their plants do. Other have despatched stories, recipes and solutions for new varieties to attempt. We actually admire this. From your expertise, we construct up a significantly better picture of how issues do in numerous conditions than we might ever be taught on our personal. Tell us as a lot or as little as you want. Do be at liberty to say if you happen to don’t like one thing. We need to know about disasters just as much as great successes! We used to have a snazzy form, however actually its simpler for you to just e mail us as an alternative. Your Name and POSTCODE so we are able to find what you ordered in the computer. Where within the nation are you? What selection or varieties are you telling us about? Anything good about it? Would you grow it again? Anything bad about it? Do you assume it was the range, the seed, the weather, or what? How does it examine with different varieties you grow or have grown prior to now? What is your all-time favourite? Other data: feedback, recipes or options. How can we improve the collection or Catalogue? Thanks! We won’t reply to each single e mail – there are too many – but each one is appreciated. They are ALL read, and a notice made within the database against that individual selection or even batch of seed. We now have made many, many changes because of what individuals have written in about. It is what makes our selection particular!


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