Rostlina zelenec autor: Mokkie zdroj: Wikimedia commonsThe Bad Seed is a 2018 American made-for-tv horror drama film directed by Rob Lowe for Lifetime. Lowe can be executive producer and stars in the film, alongside Mckenna Grace, Sarah Dugdale, Marci T. House, Lorne Cardinal, Chris Shields, Cara Buono, and a particular appearance by Patty McCormack. The horror thriller is based on the 1954 novel by William March, the 1954 play, and the 1956 movie. The Bad Seed initially aired on Lifetime on September 9, 2018. That is the second remake of the film, the primary being a 1985 movie. On September 16, 2018, a “particular edition” of the Tv film was launched that options behind the scenes interviews with Lowe, Grace, and McCormack. The movie begins as Emma Grossman (Mckenna Grace), a nine-year-outdated woman and daughter of widowed father David Grossman (Rob Lowe), watches a cat drown in the fountain beneath her bedroom window. She merely draws the blind and prepares for her day.

At breakfast, she expresses to her father her hope to win a Citizenship medal handed out every year to a pupil who exemplifies the values of the varsity. The “advantage day” (on which the medal is awarded) arrives and Emma is seated in the gang, sure that she will win the medal. To Emma’s shock and disappointment, Mrs. Ellis (Marci T. House) publicizes that the winner of this year’s medal is Emma’s classmate Milo Curtis (Luke Roessler). Later, all students and parents are celebrating outdoors and Emma expresses contempt for Milo to her father, who scolds her for her bitterness. Emma apologizes, but she secretly guides Milo away from the get together and through a nearby patch of bushes till they attain rocky cliffs overlooking the sea. She slowly moves in direction of him and murders him off-screen by pushing him into the sea, after stealing the Citizenship medal from him, and sneaking again into the occasion.

Milo’s physique is found shortly thereafter by two ladies who scream for help. Emma and David watch from a distance as individuals desperately try to resuscitate him and his mom breaks down into hysterics. The following day, David asks Emma if she is feeling okay following what happened to Milo, but Emma acts cheerily and neglects to talk about the matter with any sort of empathy. David’s sister Angela (Cara Buono), a psychiatrist, suggests to David that Emma is in shock and can discover time to grieve whenever she is prepared. Chloe (Sarah Dugdale), a babysitter David hired, begins work. Emma notices her stealing Xanax from David’s bedroom, and tells her she is aware of what Chloe did as they’re watching a film. Emma utilizes this reality to control Chloe into doing tasks for her such as getting her ice cream and letting her stay up previous her bedtime. Milo’s funeral is held and Emma and David speak with Mr. and Mrs. Curtis (Shauna Johannesen and Robert Egger).

Emma feigns sadness in entrance of them. Mrs. Curtis requests photographs of Milo from the day of the ceremony from David. That night, as David peruses the photographs he took, he notices Emma in the background of many of them taking a look at Milo and his medal with a contemptuous scowl, and David grows involved. The following day, Mrs. Ellis and an investigator arrive at David’s home to ask him questions, and Emma eavesdrops on the conversation. Mrs. Ellis explains that Emma was the last particular person to be seen with Milo, having been witnessed taking him into the woods. David becomes anxious and assumes they are insinuating one thing darkish. Chloe appears behind Emma in the subsequent room, deducing that Emma killed Milo. In order to prevent the adults from discussing the matter further, Emma smashes a cookie jar and scratches her arm on damaged glass, screaming. Mrs. Ellis and the investigator promptly go away.

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