Bonsai tree in an old earthenware vase indoor plant 343Description Large fragrant double flowers with the standard frilled petal edge. Description Late maturing semi flat bulbs of dark red. Description Finely divided and serrated silvery gray foliage which supplies a great contract to a bold bedding. Description Fabulous flower, excellent for the border and containers. Medicinal plants attractive to bees and butterflies. Description Semi-trailing habit for baskets and containers. Wide range of colours from white by way of pink and crimson to blue. Description Best described as an improved Moneymaker type. Heavy crops of uniform easy, medium measurement fruits of fine flavour maturing quite early. Description Special economic system mixture for mass bedding plants. Lovely mixture of flower colours and foliage in both deep inexperienced and bronze. Description Economical variety which produces glorious high quality plants in a large color vary for bedding shows which can flower all summer season. Description Dark bronze foliage tipped with darkish green and lined in a profusion of deep blue flowers. Description Tall strong stems with bright green foliage lined with double flowers in shades from yellow and white to purple and pink. Description One of the most well-liked hybrid varieties, early into manufacturing with giant trusses of medium size fruits on robust plants.

Wine after and before phylloxera

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