MAS is a privately owned Chilean off-season plant breeding and seed production services firm organized in 1990 to help Northern Hemisphere breeders launch new types of soybean, corn, and dry beans and other crops within the shortest period of time possible. MAS is located in a area with superior conditions for safe and convenient dealing with of precious genetic supplies. The winter nursery is situated within the fertile Aconcagua Valley on the foot of the Andes Mountains in central Chile, 55 miles from Santiago’s International Airport and 65 miles from Valparaiso, Chile’s major seaport (approximately 33° Latitude South). Unlike off-season locations in Puerto Rico or Central America, our winter nursery enjoys a few of the world’s finest natural situations for high yield and quality business seed production. There may be low prevalence of insects and diseases and no hail or windstorms. In more than 15 years of operation, harvest has at all times been completed safely and seeds have never been damaged by dangerous weather. The realm has a Mediterranean climate with high every day temperatures in summer time ( 81°F to 91°F ), cool nights ( 60°F to 65°F ), excessive levels of irradiation and sunshine, low relative humidity (30 to 70%),180 frost free days, lots of high quality irrigation water from the snow melt within the Andes mountains and first class clay loam soils.

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