Fresh Bagels BakeryIt is very important understand that the type of grafts completed at present within the more advanced periodontal practices is completely different than what was finished 10 years in the past. 1. Prior to now, free gingival grafts had been the most common type of graft. Such a grafting had its advantages, but also significant limitations. The benefit was gingival augmentation. However, they weren’t aesthetic, they didn’t cowl roots and most importantly they damage! 2. The brand new grafts cover and attach to roots, diminish sensitivity and susceptibility to root decay, and are beauty. They cause minimal, if any, discomfort. The factors for grafting has changed dramatically. 1. There was progressive recession in an axial direction. 2. There was thin tissue with limited gingiva prior to ortho. 3. There was to be a restorative margin or a partial clasp adjacent to a thin tissue kind, with no hooked up gingiva. 1. If recession exists.

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