Understand why plants are grafted or budded and the strategies used for particular outcomes. Describe how a graft union heals. Compare and distinction how a plant responds to wounding versus healing a graft union. Characterize the variations between bulbs and other storage organs. Describe methods for propagating plants with completely different clonal methods from storage organs. Some plants don’t produce adequate seed or lack competency to kind adventitious roots by making cuttings, and we’re left with grafting as a technique of selection for asexual propagation. Grafting is the cloning of a scion or bud onto a rootstock, however adds the potential of manipulating shoot properties by means of the choice of rootstock. Other plants clone themselves naturally and should use particular storage organs to assist with perenniation. These can develop offsets, pups, and different clonal storage organs. The plant propagator may induce these tissues to kind more propagules. Excellent examples embrace bulbs, corms, and rhizomes.

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