lotus, lotus blossom, blossom, bloom, seeds was, seeds, flower, plantThe yr 518 is significantly more underground than your historical past books implied. Either that, or you have arrived in an unlimited cavern network under the North Pole. After exploring a bit, you uncover an extended tunnel that contains a row of small pots so far as you possibly can see to your left and right. A couple of of them include plants – someone is attempting to develop issues in these geothermally-heated caves. The pots are numbered, with zero in entrance of you. 0, 3, and four currently include plants. Your puzzle enter also comprises some notes you find on a nearby table: somebody has been trying to figure out how these plants unfold to nearby pots. Based on the notes, for every era of plants, a given pot has or doesn’t have a plant based on whether that pot (and the two pots on both facet of it) had a plant within the last generation. N, the place L are pots to the left, C is the present pot being considered, R are the pots to the suitable, and N is whether or not the current pot could have a plant in the following era. It’s not clear what these plants are for, but you’re positive it is essential, so you’d like to ensure the present configuration of plants is sustainable by figuring out what is going to happen after 20 generations. For brevity, in this instance, solely the combos which do produce a plant are listed. The era is shown along the left, where zero is the preliminary state. The pot numbers are shown alongside the highest, where 0 labels the middle pot, unfavorable-numbered pots prolong to the left, and positive pots extend towards the suitable. Remember, the initial state begins at pot 0, which is not the leftmost pot used in this example. After one era, only seven plants stay.

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