Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia cordata) Thunb. Used plant part Fresh leaves. The rhizome, too, is aro­matic, and is used in Mani­pur, a small area in North-East­ern India bordering Burma. Plant household Saururaceae (lizard tail household) Sensory quality Of this species, two totally different chemotypes (i. The Chinese/Vietnamese chemotype resembles coriander in its aroma, and the Japanese chemotype is characterized by an odd lemon or orange odour that is often compared to ginger; see additionally lemon myrtle on lemony spices. Some have compared the fragrance of chameleon herb with raw meat or fish, however I can not agree. The style is aromatic, very close to Vietnamese coriander, but with an astringent aftertaste. Main constitu­ents The plant (Japanese chemotype) con­tains a varie­ty of flavonoids, flavonoid glycosides (afzerin, quercitrin, iso­quercitrin) and pyridine alkaloids; the essential oil was found to con­sist mainly of decanal (caprylic al­dehyde), do­decanal (lauryl alde­hyde) and 2-hen­decanon (methyl nonyl ketone). Planta Medica 61, 237, 1995) Another work reports the essential oil’s predominant com­ponents being dodecanoic acid, 2-hen­decanon and methyl decanoate.

KeepThe risky oil of the Chi­nese/Viet­namese chemo­type was found to con­tain myrcene, 2-hen­decanon, limonene and decanoyl acet­aldehyde (3-keto­dodecanal). The latter com­pound seems primarily res­pons­ible for the charac­teristic flavour it’s a potent anti­bacterial agent. The plant is, thus, utilized in conventional Chinese medication. Origin East Asia. Today, the plant grows wild in an enormous area from Nepal by way of Thailand to Korea. The chame­leon plant is often grown as an orna­mental in Europe and the USA hottest are varie­gated culti­vars with attrac­tive three-colored foliage. Etymology The scientific plant identify is in honour of Maarten Houttuyn (1720 – 1798), a Dutch biologist. The title lizard tail (proper­ly referring to a intently related genus, Sau­ruria) is moti­vated by the acute shape of the leaves in both Sau­ruria and Hout­tuynia. The identify Chameleon plant (or chameleon herb) must be used just for the beautifully colored variety which is commonest as an orna­mental in the West, and whose triple-hued leaves (yellow, crimson, inexperienced) remember to the proverbial colour-shifting chameleon.

The English names fish­wort and heart­leaf refer, with some ex­ag­ger­a­tion, to the plant’s strong odour and to the heart-shaped leaves, re­spec­tively. See also mug­wort for the ele­ment -wort. Other names reported, especially vap ca which is fairly widespread in English herbal literature, seem like based in writing errors in early Western experiences. In Vietnam, that title will not be recognized. The leaves of the chame­leon plant are typically found in Viet­namese salads and gar­nishes. In Vietnam, many different recent herbs serve the same objective (see Viet­namese coriander). Their fresh, aromatic flavour goes even properly with European salads. The North-Eastern Indian union state Manipur boasts of a highly authentic cuisine, which makes use of not only leaves but also the fresh rhizome of chameleon plant it employs a number of further herbs (among others, a Medi­terranan-like kind of basil, cress, dill, coriander, lengthy coriander, Vietnamese coriander). The choice for aromatic leaves and an excessive use of fermented fish flavours places Manipuri food far aside from Indian mainstream cooking, making it more comparable to the cooking types of neighbouring South East Asia. Often, they’re used in conjunction with fish, both fresh and fermented. The bottom root is an in­gre­dient for fish cu­rries. Salt-cured bacon which is fried with the rizome of chame­leon plant. ­vince in South Western China. In Nepal, where chameleon plant grows widely within the mountains at an elevation up to 1500 m, it is little used, although some people seem to flavour pickles with recent leaves or rhizomes.

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