The conversion of the mnemonic sentence to a binary seed is completely unbiased from producing the sentence. This ends in relatively simple code; there aren’t any constraints on sentence structure and shoppers are free to implement their very own wordlists and even whole sentence generators, allowing for flexibility in wordlists for typo detection or other purposes. Although utilizing a mnemonic not generated by the algorithm described in Generating the mnemonic” section is feasible, this isn’t advised and software must compute a checksum for the mnemonic sentence using a wordlist and difficulty a warning if it is invalid. My interpretation of this: 1. ChecksumCheck operate attempts to 1. discover the wordlist 2. calculate the checksum. 2. If it fails to seek out the wordlist, return false 3. If the checksum would not match return false 4. If ChecksumCheck returns false, “subject a warning” however don’t block seed technology. 99.99% of implementing apps interpretation: (remember, error handling for userspace shouldn’t be carried out by the BIP39 library, but the app that uses it) 1. Run ChecksumCheck 2. If False, hard fail, don’t enable seed era.

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