Fat grafting and liquid facelifts are two of the most well-liked cosmetic procedures in Orange County for filling quantity loss within the face. However, many people don’t understand the variations between these two options – both cosmetic remedies have the identical purpose of providing facial rejuvenation but are very various kinds of injectable procedures. Orange County facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati. What is Fat Grafting? Fat grafting is a minimally invasive beauty procedure that makes use of the patient’s personal body fat to enhance the looks of their face or augment a part of the body. The goal of fats grafting is to cut back symptoms of aging by including additional volume, or restoring lost volume, to the face with the body’s personal further fat being used as an injection. The patient’s body fats is typically collected from areas of the physique such as the buttocks, thighs or abdominal area, the place folks usually hold undesirable fat.


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