kiwi tree 2Q: I purchased a half-barrel to use as a planter. It doesn’t have drainage holes. Besides the common watering I do for the plants, we have had more rain than regular. Now the barrel is not less than half filled with water. The plants are starting to drown. I don’t want to drill holes in the bottom. Can I simply add some gravel to the underside for drainage? I did not add gravel in the primary place as a result of it might make the barrel too heavy. I did think that the plants do not need an entire barrel of costly potting soil and the gravel is cheaper. A: Many individuals think that including gravel to the bottom of a pot or to the underside of a hole in the ground when they’re planting a tree will give the pot or gap good drainage. I need to ask: Where do you assume the water goes to go? It is going to fill the space between the rocks, but it is not going to depart the pot.

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