The watermelon pumpkin seed harvester is to extract seeds from the pumpkin, watermelon, winter melon, muskmelon, gourd, and different melons. Finally, you can get moderately clear seeds. This machine wants a PTO-pushed huge tractor to work and can complete a variety of operations reminiscent of crushing, squeezing, separating, and clearing at one time. As well as, this pumpkin seed extractor is suitable for various sizes of melons. The facility of it adopts the wheeled tractor power output shaft mode, which has sturdy dynamic flexibility and is especially utilized to plain area. The machine is straightforward to use and maintain, secure and reliable in operation, and reasonable in performance. It is a perfect seed extract machine. We now have two forms of pumpkin seed extract machine. First is the massive measurement one, and its capability is 1500kg/h. Working velocity in the sector can attain 2-5km/h. The second is small in dimension with a capability of 500kg/h, compared with the primary one, it is appropriate for particular person use and easy to function and transfer.

On the earth, both sorts are very useful for farmers to extract seeds in the field. Before extracting the seeds, you should utilize the pumpkin harvester to harvest the pumpkin or watermelon. This facilitates the event of the next process. This model of watermelon pumpkin seed harvester can handle a considerable amount of supplies at the same time. The machine is a compound operation instrument, which may full multiple operations comparable to selecting up, crushing, squeezing, separating, cleaning, storing seeds, and unloading seeds at one time. For various materials, we have now completely different screens. Customers can select the screen in line with their wants. The ability of the pumpkin seed extractor is a wheeled tractor, which has sturdy energy flexibility。 So, it is very suitable for subject operations in plain areas. This seed harvesting machine is straightforward to use, simple to operate, protected and reliable in operation, affordable in efficiency and structure, and is an ideal seed extraction device.

Pitcher PlantSeed Drill SeederThe seeds obtained through the watermelon pumpkin seed harvester can’t only be used to make edible seeds, to plant watermelon or pumpkin again but also well being merchandise, cosmetics. 1. Harvesting seed machine has high effectivity and straightforward operation and might work in the sphere with excessive speed, saving time and power, and it is an effective helper for farmers to extract seeds. 2. The seeds extracted by it are clean with somewhat bit of melon pulp, which suggests you don’t must spend a lot time cleaning them. 3. Seeds are ready to keep intact after harvesting. 5. Crushed pumpkin rind can return to the field that provides the nutrition of the soil. 6. All seeds inside watermelon or pumpkin might be totally extracted. 7. The frame of the watermelon pumpkin seed harvester is manufactured from high-high quality steel, which is affordable in construction and durable. 8. The crushing, separating, and cleaning gadgets are all stamped and welded with special molds to make sure reliable usability.

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