Bromeliads are perennial monocotyledons — plants that have one seed leaf like lilies or corn, moderately than two seed leaves like roses or beans. Their seeds have a meals reserve, which suggests bromeliads might be grown like most other plants. When Columbus got here to the new World, he found this delicious fruit (which he thought seemed a little like a big pinecone) getting used as an emblem of hospitality throughout the Caribbean. Within the seventeenth and 18th centuries, growing pineapples grew to become the factor among European higher lessons; pineapples sprouted” on furnishings, teapots, pillars, and posts. Apart from a species of Pitcairnia which comes from Africa, the 2,000 bromeliad species are native to the tropical and subtropical areas of the Americas. They grow from the southern United States to Argentina, from sea stage to 14,000 ft. Bromeliads survive any temperature above freezing. At maturity, bromeliads vary in size from about an inch to 30 toes.

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