Mustard plants are grown both for his or her pungent seeds and the flavorful and nutrient-rich greens that prime the plants. Mustard seed is often floor and mixed with vinegar, water, and other ingredients to provide the popular condiment of the identical name. Mustard greens are a staple of Southern cooking within the United States. Mustard is an annual with a rosette of giant gentle to dark inexperienced crinkled leaves that grow up to 3 ft in size. Want more information about mustard? Vegetable Recipes: Find scrumptious recipes that function mustard. Vegetable Gardens: Grow a full harvest of great vegetables this yr. Gardening: We answer your questions on all things that come from the backyard. Mustard Stain Help: Discover ways to get mustard stains out of fabric. It’s hardy, however the seeds won’t germinate nicely should you sow them too early plant the seeds in your backyard on the typical date of last frost.

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