Seed Buying 101 - Triangle Gardener MagazineSeeds are necessary for landscaping, farming, horticulture and gardening. But producing them is an extended and labor intensive course of. It isn’t simple because it seems. Sowing or planting: It is the means of transmitting seeds over arranged field or land, or broadcasting. It is the first stage of seed manufacturing. Generally, a drag or tiller is used to integrate the kernel into the soil. It is a labor-intensive course of and is also called drilling. Practice is essential to propagate uniformly and at the preferred pace. Other tools includes hand seeder that can be utilized for sowing, which is beneficial for planting pips of smaller measurement. Plowing: This process includes cultivating the soil as preparation for propagating seed. Ploughs are conventionally pulled by horses or cattle, but with the arrival of fashionable agricultural equipments it is done by tractors. A plough is made up of materials like timber, iron, or steel with a set sharp edge or stick used to slice the land.

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