Sweet Gum Tree and Seed PodFoods derived from new plant varieties developed utilizing genetic engineering are often referred to as “GMOs” (Genetically Modified Organisms). Within the U.S., some GMOs are known as “bioengineered.” Although genetic engineering of plants started within the 1980s, there may be a good amount of confusion about how foods derived from these strategies – as well as from the newer strategy of genome editing – evaluate to foods from traditionally bred plants. For normal info on the science, security and regulation of genetically engineered and genome edited foods, please see beneath. Why do plant breeders use genetic engineering and genome editing over conventional breeding strategies? Plant breeders produce new plant varieties using genetic engineering and genome enhancing for lots of the same reasons traditional breeding strategies are used. For instance, new varieties could also be produced to resist insect pests, provide simpler weed management for farmers, improve the nutritional profile of food and supply for flexibility in how foods are used (e.g., non-browning potatoes and apples).

brown clinging seeds of grass

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