In Between Worlds: You both have three types you swap between, your authentic form, a non tree plant form, and a humanoid type each chosen at creation. To switch between plant and humanoid varieties you must first swap to your unique form, or you possibly can move immediately between the Spirit World and the World, with up to 50 lbs. 0) of further material. Longevity: When you attain maturity you age at a slower rate, and have an extended lifespan. Thrive: Rather than eat or drink, you may survive on sunlight and absorb moisture from soil and in the air. You want half as much food or water as different races to achieve the identical benefits. Yosei Nature: You should take a further hubris at 1st level. Variations: You lose In Between Worlds or Longevity and Thrive, or acquire again your Silver or Iron Sensitivity for those who took the above Variations, however achieve 1 Power Point to spend on an extra Power as a Spirit Mutation. Description: Yoseis are fairly bodily diverse, averaging between two and 9 feet tall with slight to brawny builds. They appear like a humanoid model of a plant of their chosen kind, however can vary from more plant like in look to more human like but with some plant like options. Some can also shape shift into a plant kind, and a more human like form with only a hint of plant like features. Sometimes they’ll resemble different common humanoids with lands near theirs instead of Humans although. Their appearance can vary drastically relying on the kind of plant, as well as Variability and Spirit Variability options chosen.

slushes garnished with fresh watermelon and pineapple slices

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