LEUVEN (Belgium) – 16 May 2022 – SOLiTHOR , the newly created spin-off firm from imec – accomplice in the highest European energy R&D innovation hub Energyville – is spearheading the event, manufacturing and commercialization of modern solid-state lithium (Li) battery cell expertise to reliably and economically supply excessive-power storage solutions. SOLiTHOR raised € 10M in a seed funding round led by imec.xpand supported by a powerful funding syndicate together with LRM, Nuhma and FPIM. The proceeds shall be used to develop the expertise required to enable additional electrification of our transport industry with options that handle current points in autonomy, efficiency, longevity and safety. Solid-state batteries intend to carry the performance of classical battery techniques to the following level in terms of vitality density, charging speed, weight and volume. Their adoption has not taken off to this point because of significant manufacturability hurdles. Imec has invested for 10 years in new technology to further enhance the efficiency of strong-state batteries, while proposing parts enabling an meeting process that is more suitable with classical Li-ion batteries assembly traces.

Huw Hampson-Jones, Founder and CEO of SOLiTHOR, mentioned: “SOLiTHOR’s know-how is unique and relies on breakthrough chemistry and components- the nano-Solid Composite Electrolyte and the nano-anode, developed inside the EnergyVille labs and patented by imec. This revolutionary technology will improve power density, charging speeds and crucially, improve security and will likely be far easier to manufacture than different solid-state batteries. “We are delighted to see SOLiTHOR deliver some of our most promising applied sciences to the market. We imagine SOLiTHOR is on a path to unleash the nice potential of this expertise for the society: contribute to the discount of our carbon footprint by way of additional electrification of our transport, and in addition contribute to Europe’s strategic positioning and independence within the energy sector. SOLiTHOR will impression our local economic system because of the expected establishment of manufacturing activities to serve its prospects globally,” says Olivier Rousseaux, Director Venture Development at imec. “Imec.xpand helps to create innovative technological corporations which have the potential to turn out to be global gamers by disrupting the domain they’re lively in. SOLiTHOR is a perfect instance of an bold firm in a website of strategic importance for the area and the continent,” says Peter Vanbekbergen, companion at imec.xpand. SOLiTHOR has the ambition to become a world chief in stable-state battery know-how. It intends to change into a key provider in the European Battery Value chain and goals to strongly contribute to European exports by supplying worldwide markets and the decarbonisation of society.

Greater than any other facet, the thing that has always fascinated me essentially the most about computer systems is the infinite potential for exploration they provide. You’ll be able to create anything–whether real or imagined–inside a computer, after which you can make it do anything you want. You’re free to try and make your creations mimic the true world as much as potential, or you’re free to go forward and bend no matter rules of reality you want. Not surprisingly, a majority of computer programs that embody this spirit are games. Games are enjoyable, but games might be extra than simply pure leisure. Games can enlighten folks and make us assume in special ways that a passive form of media, like a film, can’t. The applications listed on this web page are, for probably the most half, clearly games, although there are a number of that some may argue are some kind of software hybrid; maybe edutainment” (entertainment software program for the purpose of training), or real-world simulation.

Nonetheless, I somewhat loosely use the label “recreation”, and hope that no one shall be offended by this usage. I also hope that no one might be moved to think of these applications as shallow or insignificant simply because they are experimental or as a result of they’re “games”. Although, in fact, a few of them are additionally just for enjoyable. Nonetheless, these are programs which I believe deserve special recognition as defying the generally held ideas about what a computer game can or needs to be. Creativity, exploration, and experimentation are three rather various things, so it is maybe acceptable to spend a second distinguishing how every of these labels applies to a pc sport. Although “Creativity” suggests originality on the part of the game designer, what’s perhaps extra important is how much creativity the sport permits for (and encourages in) the participant. A sport like Stunts, the classic car-racing sport, is enjoyable simply because it provides you a number of quick automobiles to race around, nevertheless it also developed a small subculture of track designers due to its in-recreation observe editor.

Earth Day Plant Meme DumpGames like this, which permit you to freely modify them, enable for you to precise your individual creativity, bending the game in directions that even the designer(s) probably did not foresee. Although many games in the present day encourage exploration, they usually accomplish that by the brute-drive method of simply having very large gameworlds which require so much of data. The traditional RPG Betrayal At Krondor proudly boasted 224 million sq. toes of space to discover at your will. That’s obviously numerous ground, but contrast this with the ultra-easy Game Of Life, which doesn’t want a lot code and has quite simple rules, but which enthralled people for months on end when it got here out. The depth of a sport doesn’t essentially should be in just how big it is a game can derive infinite depth with the fitting concept. Finally, “Experimentation” is type of a double-edged sword. As in different forms of artwork, like music and movies, experimentation tends to lead to genuinely bizarre things that make you wonder whether or not they’re brilliant pushing the envelope of what a medium is capable of, or simply fully losing everyone’s time.

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