Following an earlier-2015 7″ release, a reside outing and their 2012 DoomO EP (review here), French heavy rollers strategy their first full-size, This Seed Now we have Sown, with the classics in mind. Accordingly, This Seed We now have Sown will see situation through each STB and Ripple Music over the course of the subsequent two months, to be available no doubt in a wide range of editions and on a wide range of codecs, the 2 labels having partnered to share releases between vinyl and CD. The precise numbers to come back – as in “limited to X” – I’m not sure, however nonetheless many they make, don’t expect them to final. Formed within the French city of Ariège in the Midi-Pyrénées by guitarists Jean-Laurent Pasquet and Jérémie Delattre, since their formation in 2011 Doctor DooM have blazed a formidable underground path for followers of recent, authentically crafted laborious rock, metallic and progressive blues.

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