In a development that took some by shock, India signed the US-led Artemis Accords last week. Ajey Lele examines the implications of that signing, from cooperation in human spaceflight to area useful resource coverage complications. Peggy Whitson has extra time in house than any other American astronaut, however her newest journey to house required some adjustments. Jeff Foust talks to Whitson about commanding the Ax-2 mission to the International Space Station and the way it helps Axiom Space’s lengthy-time period industrial house station plans. Life assist is one among the largest challenges for long-duration spaceflight. Katharina Brinkert describes analysis into a promising new technology that could make it simpler to maintain folks alive on the Moon and Mars. The photo voltaic system can provide vistas to travelers that boggle our terrestrial imaginations. Jeff Foust opinions a guide that makes use of hypothetical journeys to different worlds to set the stage for discussions of astronomy and planetary science.

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