Playing as the only UC unit against a metric ton of SEED, Wing, and 00 ones in SD Gundam Online.The problem is that setting ‘seed’ to zero would merely cause it to remain at zero. The high bit is at all times clear, so the EOR isn’t applied. If we alter the algorithm to carry out the EOR when the high bit is evident instead, the pattern is misplaced and never all numbers are reached, no matter which EOR worth is used (yes, I examined all 256 of them). 1d noEor: sta seed This solved the problem of ‘seed’ being initially set to zero. However, the algorithm will still never output a zero itself. 00 and $eighty will result in an output of $1d. We want these 2 values to provide distinctive outputs, so that all of the 256 inputs will yield a unique output, preserving the complete interval of 256 bytes intact. 1d noEor: sta seed And that’s it. 00 : (shift and) carry out EOR $80 : simply shift %1xxxxxxx : shift and carry out EOR %0xxxxxxx : just shift This yields a sequence of all 256 8-bit values in pseudo-random, repeating order.

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