Mustard seed digital coloring drawing illustration penandink photoshopEnsuring your seeds are dry is an important step because damp seeds will foster mildew. Move your dry seeds to a location away from direct sunlight, similar to on top of your refrigerator. Check on their progress often for one to 2 weeks, waiting for the seeds to dry much more completely. When drying tomato seeds, be cautious of the temperature, and by no means attempt to dry seeds in areas with high humidity. Conditions with excessive temperatures may trigger wet seeds to sprout, which can wreck them. Attempting to hurry up the method by drying seeds in an oven or other heating device should also be averted they’re going to go dangerous and shall be of no use for the following growing season. Adding silica gel packets to your seed containers will keep moisture away and enhance their shelf life. Also, don’t forget to label your packet or container with the variety of tomato seeds you harvested, along with the harvest date as nicely.

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