You may be accustomed to spitting them out as you eat – seed spitting contest, anybody? Some folks just opt for seedless. However the nutritional value of watermelon seeds might persuade you in any other case. Watermelon seeds are low in calories and are nutrient dense. When roasted, they’re crispy and can easily take the place of different unhealthy snack options. One ounce of watermelon seed kernels incorporates approximately 158 calories. That’s not a lot lower than an ounce of Lay’s Potato Chips (160 calories), but let’s take a look at what constitutes an ounce. A big handful of watermelon seeds weighs about four grams and accommodates about simply 23 calories. Far lower than a bag of potato chips! Considered one of a number of minerals found in watermelon seeds is magnesium. In a 4-gram serving, you’ll get 21 mg of magnesium, which is 5 p.c of the daily worth. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends adults get 420 mg of this mineral each day. Magnesium is important for many of the body’s metabolic capabilities.

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