pink gum tree blossomsKui Hua Zi (Sunflower Seeds) is an art set up created by contemporary artist and political activist Ai Weiwei. It was first exhibited at the Tate Modern artwork gallery in London from 12 October 2010 to 2 May 2011. The work consisted of one hundred million individually hand-crafted porcelain sunflower seeds which filled the gallery’s 1,000 sq. metre Turbine Hall to depth of ten centimetres. Viewers were initially capable of work together and stroll throughout the sunflower seeds, however after the Tate Modern Museum feared that the mud emitted from the installation may very well be harmful, they fenced it off. Smaller collections of the seeds have been exhibited in twelve exhibitions from 2009-2013 in museums and galleries internationally. Ai Weiwei is a conceptual artist in China. Towards the later 20th century, he led societal movements difficult the Chinese Communist Party. Ai has felt the presence and pressures of the society that the Chinese government has imposed on the peoples, and that is generated into his artwork.

This massive artwork set up includes over 100 million porcelain sunflower seeds that cover a 1,000 square metre floor with a depth of 10cm within the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. The complete artwork weighs round 150 tons. Each seed went via a 30 step procedure, hand painted and fired at 1,300 levels. This course of required more than 1,600 workers over a span of two and a half years in Jingdezhen, a town known because the “Porcelain Capital”, and has produced the imperial porcelain for over a thousand years. Ai began the process two-and-a-half years earlier than its exhibition on the Tate Modern. Sunflower seeds have been a typical theme in the Chinese Communist Party’s political propaganda throughout Ai’s childhood. Leader Mao Zedong would typically characterize himself as the sun, and the folks of China as seeds on sunflowers in artworks. Ai also explains that when he was rising up, even the poorest households in China may share the seeds as a deal with. The seeds characterize optimism throughout difficult occasions.

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