Plants are crucial for the welfare of human society. They help our ecosystem perform. They supply us with oxygen to breath, medicine, clothes fiber and, importantly, meals. Out of the 7,000 species of plants at present used for agriculture around the planet, only 30 crops make up the world’s weight-reduction plan. Did you ever stop to consider what might happen if these crops disappeared? Right now, for example, our wheat supply is dwindling. The world’s stockpiles are at their lowest numbers in thirty years. Consumption is exceeding production, and farmers are having a tricky time keeping up. Or, what if a natural catastrophe wipes out nearly all of wheat and different vital crops? Scientists suppose they have hit upon an answer — seed banks. Think of a seed financial institution as a financial savings account. Seeds are “deposited” into safe storage with the intention of “withdrawing” them in the future when they are needed.

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