Here is a super straightforward recipe for roasting fresh pumpkin seeds that come out completely each time. If you are like us, you think the neatest thing about carving a pumpkin is saving the seeds for roasting! There are many various methods for seasoning and roasting pumpkin seeds, however this straightforward technique is trusted by hundreds of Allrecipes customers. Learn to prep pumpkin seeds for roasting, plus get concepts for seasoning or sweetening them. The most laborious a part of roasting pumpkin seeds is prepping them. You first must separate the seeds from the gooey mess inside of the pumpkin. 1. Scoop the seeds. First, use a strong metallic spoon to scoop as most of the seeds out of the pumpkin as you possibly can. Be sure to not let the pulp dry earlier than cleansing the seeds. 2. Soak the seeds. Place the mass of seeds and pulp in a large bowl.

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