Tiny however mighty, nuts and seeds ship a protein, fiber, and nutrient punch with each chew. Fall and winter are on the way, along with the traditions of baking pumpkin seeds after carving jack-o-lanterns or roasting chestnuts over an open fireplace. But you don’t have to go to all that hassle to increase your intake of nuts and seeds. Just bone up on some of the most nutritious selections, and begin crunching your manner to higher health. Nuts are actually the seeds of plants. Most are the seeds of trees; peanuts, nonetheless, are the seeds of a legume. Many, together with walnuts and cashews, grow inside leathery fruits, with the nut corresponding to the peach pit (also a seed) inside a peach. Others, resembling hazelnuts and chestnuts, are labeled as true botanical nuts (arduous, dry fruits that don’t open to release a separate seed). The benefits: Nuts are flavorful little packages containing healthy unsaturated fats (see Fat and calorie content material per ounce of selected nuts and seeds”), protein, fiber, and other nutrients.

We found the bird seed thief

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