water lily, nuphar lutea, aquatic plant, blossom, bloom, pond, garden pond, lake rosengewächs, nature, pond plant, waterThe reason is most South Florida soils are poor; not more than sand or rocks or muck. The overwhelming majority of plants we use in South Florida landscapes usually are not native to Florida. Don’t EVER Buy potting soil” from places like Home Depot or Target or K-Mart. These supplies are very heavy, muck-like substances that often price about $1.79 per bag. What you might want to spend is more like $8.00 – $12.00 per bag for high quality skilled grade nursery mix based on Canadian peat moss and a mixture of different organics plus Perlite. After you’ve combined your soil in your planting hole, take your new plant out of its plastic pot. Holding your hand around the bottom of the plant and turning the pot over in all probability will do the trick. If not, use a pointy knife (to chop the pot’s sides to launch your plant from its pot).

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