KIEL – Without plant seeds and the nutrients in their endosperm, there would be no human civilization, “always gardener” Ray Rogers of Sheboygan assured his viewers in a presentation titled “Much to Do About Seeds” at the Kiel Public Library. That’s because seeds – in the type of grains – are the principle ingredient for bread, cereal, pasta, baked items, cooking oils, and malted beverages, Rogers pointed out. He noted that seeds are additionally a primary source of nutrition for the animals and birds that make up another giant portion of the human eating regimen. For Rogers, a former instructor at Lakeshore Technical College, his “earliest memories” about childhood all contain seeds plants and the rising of plants. To confirm that, he shared a newspaper picture of himself as part of a 2nd grade class engaged within the saving of seeds and growing of plants. A seed is a baby plant (or embryo) that is encased in a box (or seed coat) with its early stage nutrients (minerals, starches, sugars) in the endosperm or one or more cotyledons (the early growing point), Rogers indicated.

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