For Bonsai, grafting is used for a variety of purposes: to add a branch on a selected place to a Bonsai, to substitute foliage with a extra delicate plant-selection, to add roots to enhance the Nebari (root flare or floor roots) or to cultivate a brand new tree combining desired characteristics of both plants. Grafting may be difficult, so start experimenting on cheap materials to achieve expertise first. Most tree species ought to be grafted late winter, just before the buds begin to swell – this applies to each thread- and scion grafting. Approach grafting needs to be carried out in summer season however. Grafting will only work when the graft and tree belong to the same species. Pines and Junipers are the exceptions, one usually finds Rocky mountain junipers grafted with itoigawa juniper foliage for example. Three methods are generally used for Bonsai functions; scion grafting (inserting a separated graft into a trunk or branch), strategy grafting (fusing a branch (that is still connected to the donor plant) to a tree, and thread grafting (drilling a gap in a trunk or department, and threading a branch of the tree by it).

Drycon conveyor beltScion grafting involves eradicating a small shoot or department from a donor plant and inserting it into the receiving plant. This technique may be utilized to Junipers, Pines and each deciduous and broadleaf evergreen bushes – usually so as to add branches or to substitute foliage. When done correctly, the grafts scars shall be fully invisible over time. When scion grafting, make sure that both the donor plant and the receiving plant are in good well being, or as good as doable. Fertilize each plants properly in the course of the rising season previous to grafting, which will take place in late February or early March (i.e. late winter or early spring) within the northern hemisphere. Also, keep each the donor and receiving plant under slight cowl throughout the winter months earlier than grafting. The bushes must be allowed to go dormant, but avoid harsh frosts during that interval. 1. In late winter or early spring, start the scion grafting course of by identifying terminal shoot growth on the donor plant.

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