Episcia is bursting with vibrant coloration. Its leaves have a metallic sheen and its flowers are brightly colored. The leaves of the episcia are oval and bushy. They are available in a variety of colours including inexperienced, bronze, brown, pink, crimson, and white. From the central rosette grow a lot of creeping or hanging stolons that produce plantlets at regular intervals. The small, trumpet-formed flowers are usually bright pink but can be pink, yellow, or lavender. Leaves that roll underneath point out a scarcity of air humidity. Want to learn about home plants by kind? Scientific Name: Episcia sp. His e book credit include Benefiting from Shade, The Garden Lovers Guide to Canada, Perennials for every Purpose, Annuals for every Purpose, Houseplants for Dummies, and Ortho’s Complete Guide to Houseplants, in addition to different titles in English and French. He’s the winner of the Perennial Plant Association’s 2006 Garden Media Award.

Breadfruit: description, features of fruits and growing a plant at home

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