FreeJakhiya or Cleome viscose utilized in Grawhwali dishes, they use Jakiya for tempering. It enhances the unique and delicious style of your dish, In Garhwal, they use additionally use the Faran,choru,dolu and chippi in grahwali dish. Jakhia seed spices develop in wild or fallow Garhwal lands. The Indo-Mongoloid Bhotia (Pahadi Lala ) tribe of Garhwal has traditionally collected their spices from high alpine zone riches and arid temperate forests in areas starting from 600 m to 1,600 m altitude. They also develop spices of their cropland and kitchen gardens and sell them to people residing in India. Jakhiya is a spice which is present in Uttarakhand. Seeds of Jakhiya are used in place of Mustard as a consequence of its tons of advantages and style. Jakhiya provides an exotic style to the meal and its seed develop into crunchy after cooking. This packet is of 500 gm of Jakhiya. It is a 100% natural product and good for health. Jakhiya Seeds are small in measurement and brown in shade.

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