Ancient Green Fields is without doubt one of the main moringa seeds suppliers from India. We export PKM1 quality seeds and manufacture organic moringa products from this tree produce. Moringa oleifera is a captivating tree with its multiple functions for different functions. Every a part of this plant is used in variety of functions including agriculture, dye, food, health care, livestock forage, private care, water purification and many extra. As a result of the easy adaptation to various areas, soils and farm programs, it holds consistent position in worldwide market. It’s a softwood tree, native to India, referred to as drought resistant and grows properly even in reasonably infertile soil. Moringa Oleifera is the best identified species quantity the thirteen species of the genus Moringacae. It was highly valued within the historical civilizations. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans derived oil from the seeds and used it for perfumes and skin care. In Indian sub-continent, people have used recent pods and leaves as principal vegetable meals.

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