photorealistic grass 3d modelAt the top of time period, two of our Year 10 exchanges from New Zealand (Oscar B and Scarlett R) spoke passionately in regards to the mosque terrorist assaults that passed off in their dwelling town, Christchurch. Schools in Christchurch have been creating paper chains of personalised messages of support to the Muslim group and Oscar and Scarlett galvanized Gordonstoun students into doing the identical. The Gordonstoun messages were taken out to New Zealand and given to their faculty, St Andrews College on Wednesday three April. Tena Koe, this morning we are right here to talk to you about a disgraceful act that befell on the 14th of March in our metropolis of Christchurch. A terrorist stormed two Mosques right within the centre of our metropolis killing 50 folks and injuring one other 50. This was a darkish day in our history. The man who we is not going to identify was a self-described white supremacist who had deranged views which had been described in a 74 web page manifesto he wrote before the attacks.

Christchruch is a peaceful metropolis and New Zealand is an inclusive nation, however a man came to our city with the intention to plant the seeds of fear, resentment and hatred. It didn’t work, quite the opposite. Our city and nation have responded to an assault of terror with compassion and kindness whereas strongly condemning a criminal offense of hatred. Across the town individuals have been mourning and banding together to pay tribute to the fallen. We have now come together and taken a united stand in opposition to xenophobic, racist and hateful ideals. Around the world there has been a rise in white nationalism and we as a rustic strongly condemn it. Understanding and appreciation of other cultures is on the core of Aotearoa, New Zealand’s coronary heart and we are displaying this to the world by our tributes to the Muslim neighborhood in prayer, silence and tributes displaying solidarity with them and their beliefs.

It is vital we reject the ideas of extremists who goal to divide us and instil concern and hatred inside our communities. Instead we should make change, New Zealand has banned semi-computerized rifles within 6 days of the assault and are investigating the roots of this hatred. The opposite leaders of the world should see the issues that are arising and hopefully see us for example of learn how to combat terror with love. We want to say thank you to this college for the way in which it values internationalism. There are so many individuals of different cultures, nationalities and religions right here who all work in full harmony together to create a community that’s vibrant and inclusive. This needs to be an example to the world of how we are able to work together in harmony. To honour Christchurch and the Muslim community we would like to begin an initiative that has been happening in virtually every school in Christchurch. We’re going to create paper chains with quotes and drawings on them to hang somewhere in Gordonstoun at this time after which take house and give to StAC to stress the support the international group has for them.

It can be really cool to see as many people as doable write down a positive quote, message or drawing on a strip of paper that can contribute to the paper chain either right this moment at break, lunch or be at liberty to carry one to us during the day. We might be arrange in the refectory and the spherical square arch. It can be great to see completely different languages and messages for the kiwis at residence to learn. Finally we’d like to complete with a Maori prayer… Cease the winds from the west Cease the winds from the south Let the breeze blow over the land Let the breeze blow over the ocean Let the crimson-tipped dawn include a sharpened air. A contact of frost, a promise of a glorious day. Paper chain with messages of help at St Andrew’s College in Christchurch. From left: Titus Edge (Headmaster of Gordonstoun), Isabel E, Oscar B, Christine Leighton (Rector of St Andrew College).

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