This operate takes a list of stanfit objects and returns a consolidated stanfit object. The stanfit objects to be merged have to have the same configuration of iteration, warmup, and thin, apart from being from the same mannequin. This could facilitate some parallel usage of RStan. For example, if we call stan by parallel and it returns an inventory of stanfit objects, this perform can be used to create one stanfit object from the list. An inventory of stanfit objects. An S4 object of stanfit consolidated from all of the enter stanfit objects. This perform needs to be referred to as in rare circumstances because sampling has a cores argument that allows a number of chains to be executed in parallel. This function would do some check to see if the stanfit objects within the enter listing can be merged. But the check shouldn’t be sufficient. So typically, it is the user’s accountability to ensure the input is correct so that the merging makes sense. The date in the new stanfit object is when it’s merged. The sampler similar to NUTS2 that is displayed in the printout by print is the sampler used for the first chain. The print technique assumes the samplers are the same for all chains.

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