Professor Genessier, as soon as an incredible surgeon, is now consumed with his overriding obsession – to restore the options of his beloved daughter Christiane. It is a few years because the horrible automobile accident wherein the professor’s daughter was hideously disfigured, however the professor still hasn’t forgiven himself. Only Christiane’s eyes are undamaged – the remainder of her face is scarred beyond recognition. Driven by guilt, Genessier devotes himself night time and day to the task of restoring his daughter to her former magnificence. He believes he has perfected a means of doing this, by grafting skin tissue taken from healthy donors onto Christiane’s damaged face. Confident he will obtain his objective, Genessier throws himself into his diabolical scheme in earnest, assisted by his faithful secretary Louise. Finding appropriate donors and luring them to Genessier’s remoted house proves to be the easy a part of the operation. Young women are so gullible nowadays, so easily led to their doom. Far tougher is the technique of eradicating the victim’s faces and transplanting the skin – the primary attempts show to be disheartening failures. The issue of tissue rejection is one that Genessier struggles to overcome. But, undeterred by his numerous failures, the professor persists, confident that in the long run he must succeed. But as he does so he fails to take account of the psychological impact all this is having on Christiane. As her hopes are raised and dashed in fast succession, she becomes more and more revolted by her father’s insane pursuit. Finally, she is driven to get in touch with her former fiancé Jacques, hoping that somebody will put an end to her living nightmare.

Vine And Osteopathe

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