Japan is going through one of many world’s largest nuclear crises as a staff of engineers struggles to regain management of the Fukushima plant following another explosion and a fire that precipitated radiation to rise to dangerous levels. Amid rising fears that the situation is heading for catastrophe, as much as 70 technicians are nonetheless battling to cool reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi facility. Non-important personnel have been ordered to go away and the Kyodo news agency reported that radiation levels have turn into too excessive for staff to stay in control rooms. The government has already called in worldwide help in tackling the spiralling disaster. Officials are now involved about all six reactors at the location, and are considering using helicopters to try to drop cold water on a boiling rooftop storage pond for spent uranium gas rods. The rods are still radioactive and potentially as scorching and dangerous as the gas rods inside the reactors if not kept in water.

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