Insere Vulneribus Meliora (Grafting improves the Wound, A Man Grafting a Branch onto a Tree), based upon the designs created by the Flemish artist, Abraham van Diepenbeeck for a seventeenth century emblem e-book printed by Antonium a Burgundia entitled, Linguae Vitia et Remedia, Emblematice expressa. The engravings illustrate quick morals, fables or poems. Here, a worker is definitely grafting a branch onto a tree and repairing the next wound. The title indicates that the tree is thus made both stronger and healthier. In the background a house sits upon the hill and by way of the branches of the forest a far off church steeple seems. The phrases loosely translated from Latin mean, In (in, within), Insere (incision, graft), Vulneribus (vulnerable, harm, weakness, wound), Meliora (higher issues, at all times higher, to enhance) which stands for (Grafting will enhance the Wound). Insere Vulneribus Meliora hails from the 1652 edition of Linguae Vitia et Remedia. The engravers are also listed elsewhere as Jacob Neeffs & Andries Pauli.

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