Why Start Seeds Indoors? You should buy seeds for a lot of more vegetable varieties than you will discover for sale as young plants. Starting from seeds indoors allows you to develop a wider vary of flavors, shapes and colors of your favorite vegetables! A lot of our favourite vegetables-including tomatoes and peppers-are native to warmer climates where they get extra time to develop outdoors than is possible in a lot of the United States. Their seeds won’t sprout in cool spring soil, and fruits need extra solar to ripen than is obtainable in the waning days of autumn. Should you had been to sow tomato seeds outdoors in May in New England or the Midwest, plants would take so lengthy to develop that the first frost in October would probably kill them earlier than you got a single ripe tomato. Even for crops that do not come from warmer climates, beginning seeds indoors provides some plants a head start for earlier harvests and greater yield. The same is true for many of our favorite annual flowers.

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