Chemtrail Dispersion, Transmutation, & Elimination! In January of 2002, I posted an article to this internet site titled Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies which described a easy, homemade invention known as a Chembuster. This new invention, impressed by Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster, demonstrated that it was potential to disperse and break up chemtrails, permitting for a return of regular blueness to the sky, an invigoration of the air with a clear, fresh odor and the manufacturing of rain in these areas where drought is being artificially created by HAARP and different secret weather controlling applied sciences. The Chembuster incorporates three frequent components that, when combined together, produce an orgone generator, a gadget which transmutes the detrimental polarity of atmospheric orgone energy into the positive polarity of that vitality. The negative polarity of orgone, coined DOR” by Wilhelm Reich, is the “glue” which holds chemtrails together. Reversing the polarity of the atmospheric orgone envelope causes the chemtrails to break up and disperse.

Over the subsequent two years, as more Chembusters had been being constructed and set up by readers who grew to become aware of this phenomenon, the focus of atmospheric DOR sufficiently decreased in those areas to permit an inflow of Giant Sylphs into the ‘chembusted’ atmospere. Sylphs are intelligent air elementals which might literally overlay and transmute chemtrails into actual clouds. I realize that it is onerous to believe that unusual folks can destroy chemtrails in the manner described, but we’ve got the pictures and testimonials to verify the declare. No one has to proceed to tolerate chemtrail ‘bombardments’ any longer. You can clear your sky of chemtrails! Read the hyperlinks and think about the pictures to understand more about Sylphs and chemtrails. A smaller orgone producing system which makes use of comparable construction supplies, was coined an HHG, but I find that a Pyramid or Dome formed five crystal orgone generator extra descriptive. The success being achieved to this point by a handful of dedicated people who are building and deploying these devices may be very spectacular.

I get E mail on a regular basis from folks asking me “What can I do to cease the brand new World Order?” . Well, that is one thing you can do! You can participate in rescuing your well being, your thoughts, and your freedom by acquiring and deploying these saving innovations, orgone generators. Tired of seeing the very air you breathe being poisoned each day with chemtrails by the satanic Illuminati criminals who are intent on eliminating 85 % of the world’s inhabitants? I’ve have started a chat forum at Yahoo Groups. I get dozens of E mails every single day from individuals who typically have helpful and inspiring info to contribute, but I haven’t got enough time to repost these fascinating anecdotes on this internet site. The Discussion Forum is the place to trade information and categorical your ideas or feedback, however with none try and sell a product or promote a private agenda.

We want you to enjoy a long and full life in good well being, without the concern for medical insurance or dependence on the orthodox “health care” system. You can study to empower yourself and take full management of your health destiny via self training. The FDA attempted to stiffle gross sales of colloidal silver from well being food shops and web sites in the Fall of 2000. Read our Nov 12, 2000 Newsletter. Sufficient resistance was generated by industrial pursuits to trigger them to again down soemwhat, but new restrictions were imposed on what may very well be said concerning the makes use of and benefits of colloidal silver. You’ll notice that the CS offered in health stores as we speak will only state the contents of the bottle and never rather more. The FDA has contacted websites that provide colloidal silver (CS) and has informed them that any they now consider colloidal silver a drug and under their jurisdiction. They’ve said that no therapeutic claims about CS will be made. We’ve got eliminated articles about CS , however nonetheless offer CS generators on the Products page. You’ll be able to at all times contact me at Ken Adachi, Editor if you would like obtain extra details about colloidal silver. Few persons are conscious that silver has been used since historic occasions to combat infections and remove disease situations. It possesses unique germicidal properties that can interfere with the mechanisms of ALL bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds while pharmaceutical antibiotics can usually solely have an effect on 5 or 6 species. It’s a pure antibiotic that illness organisms can never develop a resistance to. You don’t need a prescription ( to this point ) and you can also make it yourself using your personal generator . Bioengineered illness organisms are routinely being launched into the atmosphee via chemtrails. The reality about cures without medicine is suppressed, except it suits the purpose of the censor to garble it.

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