The purpose of this extension is to allow further optimizations of bittorrent swarms when friends are partial seeds. A partial seed is a peer that’s incomplete without downloading anything extra. This occurs for multi file torrents the place users only download a number of the information. Setting the value of this key to 1 signifies that this peer is just not keen on downloading anything. The tracker scrape conventions defines three values per torrent, ‘full’, ‘incomplete’ and ‘downloaded’. The purpose of this extensions is to let clients distinguish between partial seeds and downloaders, each of which at present would be categorized as incomplete. If the tracker supports this extension, it Must add a fourth area, ‘downloaders’. This area is the variety of lively downloaders within the swarm, it does not include partial seeds. The number of partial seeds will be calculated by: incomplete – downloaders. Allowing peers to scrape a tracker and distinguish between active downloaders and partial seeds makes it extra efficient to find out what to seed based on the downloader/seed ratio. In case there’s a failure and a backup tracker is used, it could recover all the swarm state because the purchasers are saying that they are partial seeds.


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