Many plants, as they mature, need support to help them develop. This is especially true of tomato plants and such climbing plants as beans, cucumbers, and winter squash. As tomato plants mature, they start to sprawl along the ground because they turn out to be heavy with fruit. If left to grow with out coaching, the fruit is uncovered to sunscald and inclined to rot. An efficient method to stop these problems is to practice the plants to grow vertically by staking the plants. Another simple coaching methodology is to construct tomato cages. As the vine grows, information the stems into the cage. An vital consideration is sturdiness. Vines and wind shall be tugging on it for a number of months, so build the trellis nicely. The stems of bean plants will twine across the trellis for help; with slightly bit of steerage, cucurbits will seize the trellis with their tendrils. Use strong stakes for tomato plants: 2 inches by 2 inches, about eight feet long and driven 24 inches to 30 inches deep will assist most tomatoes.


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