A lot of seed is available in pods, or with feathery bits attached. Often the answer is to winnow. Because the bits are lighter than the seed, they blow away in a breeze. Harvest . . . So, you’ve determined its time to harvest. Cut the whole stem off, and pile on an previous sheet someplace airy (and fowl-free – they love the seed) to dry. Thresh . . . Once dry, leap throughout them and you’ll get lots of seed combined with damaged up stem & pods. For issues like oats and chard that have robust glumes or are well-connected to the stems, an incredible trick is to stomp and stamp it on a rubber mat. The rubber grips the plant materials however is tender enough to cease the seeds being damaged. So you have acquired this pile of stems and stalks and seeds – shake the pile & the seeds will fall to the underside, and you may just pull off most of the large bits of rubbish now.

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