Spring is right here! Learn how to arrange a backyard mattress and plant seeds with group garden employees who are planting snap peas at the Providence Garden. Watch the video or read the steps outlined beneath. Use a digging fork (or potato fork or broad fork) to loosen the soil and pull weeds from the bed. This motion loosens the soil and helps to convey air and moisture down into the soil, which helps create a nice delicate mattress for our baby plants and their tender roots. In this video we used aged cow manure, but you need to use any other herbivore manure or compost. This ought to be achieved annually, within the spring or fall, before planting to change nitrogen and different nutrients within the soil. Most annual vegetables and flowers are heavy feeders, so that’s why it’s important to replenish the soil annually with manure or compost. The quantity of manure or compost one needs actually is dependent upon the prevailing soil and site.

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