In a healthy mouth, teeth roots and bone are surrounded by gingival and mucosal tissues. Gingival (gum) tissue is coral pink, thick, and dense below a microscope. This tissue varieties a tight seal around the teeth serving as a barrier in opposition to the penetration of micro organism to the underlying supporting bone. The gingiva additionally helps to withstand trauma from eating and brushing. Dentists consult with this band of tissue as the “attached” or “keratinized” tissue. The second type of tissue, mucosa, is discovered directly under the gingiva. Mucosal tissue is crimson, very skinny, and appears unfastened below a microscope. It does not seal tightly across the tooth, nor does it withstand trauma very effectively. Dentists check with this zone of tissue because the “alveolar mucosa”. Because the tooth root needs to be encased throughout the jawbone, root exposure the place gums have receded reveals an space the place bone has been lost. Only following the lack of the bone can the gums move down the root to expose it.


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