Why start your personal tomato seeds when you possibly can pop into your native nursery and purchase prepared-to-plant seedlings? The largest cause is variety! Your native nursery may have a dozen or so styles of tomatoes, however growing your own tomatoes from seed permits you to choose from hundreds of heirloom, hybrid, and open-pollinated varieties obtainable via seed catalogs. Plus, starting your individual tomatoes can save cash, particularly if you have a large garden. Tomato seeds aren’t very big and shouldn’t be planted deeply. Instead, bury them only one-quarter inch deep in pre-moistened potting mix. When flipping by your favorite seed catalog, you’ll most likely notice descriptions like ‘heirloom’ (or typically ‘heritage’), ‘open-pollinated’, and ‘hybrid’. Understanding the several types of seeds will assist you choose the suitable tomato varieties for your backyard. An heirloom tomato is an open-pollinated selection that has been handed down by the generations. The main purpose to develop heirloom tomatoes is taste! The fruits are full of mouthwatering flavors which can be seldom matched by hybrid varieties.

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