Šalvěj lékařská (Salvia officinalis)Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. Work quick with our official CLI. Learn extra in regards to the CLI. Please register to use Codespaces. If nothing occurs, download GitHub Desktop and take a look at again. If nothing occurs, download GitHub Desktop and take a look at once more. If nothing happens, download Xcode and check out again. Your codespace will open once prepared. There was a problem preparing your codespace, please attempt once more. This challenge is an utility skeleton for a typical AngularJS net app. You should use it to rapidly bootstrap your angular webapp initiatives and dev environment for these projects. The seed comprises a pattern AngularJS utility and is preconfigured to install the AngularJS framework and a bunch of development and testing instruments for fast net improvement gratification. The seed app would not do much, simply reveals how you can wire two controllers and views collectively. You need git to clone the angular-seed repository.

You can get git from here. We also use quite a lot of Node.js instruments to initialize and check angular-seed. You must have Node.js and its bundle manager (npm) installed. You will get them from right here. 1 tells git to solely pull down one commit price of historical data. We’ve got two sorts of dependencies in this project: tools and AngularJS framework code. The tools help us manage and test the applying. We get the instruments we rely upon and the AngularJS code via npm, the Node bundle supervisor. In order to run the top-to-end checks, you will also must have the Java Development Kit (JDK) installed in your machine. Check out the part on finish-to-end testing for more info. Behind the scenes this will even name npm run copy-libs, which copies the AngularJS files and different entrance finish dependencies. After that, you need to discover out that you have two new directories in your venture. We’ve preconfigured the venture with a simple improvement net server.

Now browse to the app at localhost:8000/index.html. There are two kinds of tests in the angular-seed utility: Unit tests and end-to-end assessments. The angular-seed app comes preconfigured with unit tests. These are written in Jasmine, which we run with the Karma test runner. We offer a Karma configuration file to run them. The configuration is found at karma.conf.js. The unit checks are found next to the code they’re testing and have a .spec.js suffix (e.g. view1.spec.js). This script will begin the Karma check runner to execute the unit checks. Moreover, Karma will start watching the source and test recordsdata for changes after which re-run the tests each time any of them adjustments. That is the recommended strategy if your unit checks are being run each time you save a file then you obtain instant feedback on any changes that break the anticipated code functionality. You may as well ask Karma to do a single run of the tests after which exit.

blooming plumed cockscombThis is useful if you wish to test that a specific version of the code is working as expected. The angular-seed app comes with end-to-end checks, again written in Jasmine. These assessments are run with the Protractor End-to-End test runner. It makes use of native occasions and has special options for AngularJS applications. The configuration is found at e2e-checks/protractor-conf.js. The top-to-finish tests are present in e2e-checks/situations.js. Protractor simulates interaction with our net app and verifies that the application responds appropriately. Therefore, our web server needs to be serving up the applying, so that Protractor can work together with it. In addition, since Protractor is constructed upon WebDriver, we’d like to ensure that it’s installed and up-to-date. The angular-seed challenge is configured to do that automatically before running the end-to-finish assessments, so you don’t want to worry about it. This script will execute the top-to-end exams towards the applying being hosted on the development server.

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