How to Plant Desert Rose Seeds: A Comprehensive GuideGums hold teeth together within the mouth any injury to the gums means damage to the teeth. Sometimes the gum tissues are deficient or might recede. The skinny lining of the gums could also be as a result of fragile tissues current in the gums. Infectious micro organism may penetrate deep into the tissues and affect the roots due to the presence of a skinny gum line. Gums tissues may get broken on account of trauma or as a result of onerous bristles and laborious brushing of the teeth or as a consequence of some diseases associated with gums. Thinning of the gums could lead to publicity of the tooth roots which may lead to tooth fall and lots of different diseases. In such instances where the gum tissues have receded or broken gingival grafting is required. In gingival grafting a gum graft is placed over the gums either to thicken the gums or to cover the exposed roots of the teeth. Sterling heights dentists suggests a design or template of the gum deficient area is made to obtain the exact amount of healthy tissue from the donor space.

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