Succulent In Handmade MugOnce i first tried grafting a ‘Fuji’ apple tree practically 20 years in the past, I used to be a bit skeptical. It just appeared like a ability better left to the pros. However, the method was fairly easy and really quite fun. What I soon discovered was that the process obtained even simpler and faster with each new graft. But the real reward comes at harvest time as you collect the fruits from a tree that you simply grafted yourself. Grafting is a strategy of surgically connecting a bud or shoot from one plant onto the roots or trunk of another plant. If all goes nicely, the 2 elements ultimately unite to type a single grafted plant. Not solely is it a low-price manner of propagating your own fruit trees, but it is also a approach of customizing a plant through the use of a rootstock which will make the tree extra disease-resistant or higher suited to your environment, give good anchorage in windy areas, or control its overall size.

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