sunflower, flower, petals, bloom, blossom, flora, sunflower field, bright, seeds, yellow, natureOn the market counterflow asphalt mixing plant from Indian producer. Counter-circulation asphalt mixer is preferred for low fuel consumption and higher HMA. Also obtainable CE marked, low maintenance and containerized design. Capacities above a hundred and twenty tph are tailor made. We current you double drum asphalt plant just for these clients who’re unhappy with the present machine or want extra in terms of gas consumption, sizzling combine asphalt quality, unhealthy service or expensive spares. This plant just isn’t for customers who’re proud of the existing plant or who do not want fuel saving and a greater mixing quality of sizzling mix asphalt. This plant is for patrons in search of better fuel effectivity and mixing quality in comparison with the parallel flow Asphalt Drum Mix Plant. The counter circulate design of drying drum differentiates itself from the parallel move plant as a result of the heating and mixing process is in separate drums. The first drum is for heating of aggregates and the second drum is for mixing of the dried aggregates with bitumen and minerals.

Pinhole Surgical Technique in Alhambra, CAThe stream of aggregates is in the direction of the burner flame and therefore counter movement type. This also ensures that the heating of aggregates is completed with minimum gasoline comparitively. The mixing drum is separate ensuring that bitumen is rarely uncovered to extreme temperatures. The counter move Drum Mix Asphalt Plant is obtainable in manufacturing ranges from forty tph to 120 tph. Capacities above one hundred twenty tph are tailor made. Direction of the flame & movement of aggregates is parallel hence it is much less effective and consumes extra fuel. Direction of burner flame and aggregates is opposite. This counter circulate sort heating ensures higher heating of aggregates at much less fuel consumption. Heating & mixing motion takes place in single drum & dust is exhausted is after mixing process & therefore an excellent quality mix can’t be achieved. Drying & mixing course of takes place in separate drum. Dust is absorbed at the inlet of drying drum thus permitting clean & mud free aggregates to enter the mixing drum making certain better mix high quality.

There isn’t any provision to measure the temperature of sizzling aggregates as both drying & mixing process happen in a single drum of hot combine plant. Since heating of aggregates takes place in separate drum, measuring temperature of sizzling aggregates is feasible. Its temperature may also be managed before its moves to mixing zone. Sometimes an increase in burner flame may cause burning of asphalt resulting in hearth & could spoil the mix quality. This burnt combine may cause burning of conveyor belt at the discharge finish of drum. Since heating & mixing process takes place in separate drums, the burner flame is nowhere in touch with asphalt, other priceless liquids or additives. Asphalt shouldn’t be exposed to excessive temperatures. The counterflow asphalt mixing plant can have many benefits over the standard drum mix plant. The standard drum mixer is a paralleflow plant. Top-of-the-line advantage is that the standard of scorching combine asphalt is significantly better and burner gasoline consumption is less.

What is parallel-circulation asphalt plant? Any asphalt drum mix plant that will have the circulation of aggregates and burner flame in a single course is considered to be parallel move sort. On this case normally the aggregates will enter the upper finish of the drum. Location of the burner will likely be on prime of the aggregate entry point. In the first half of the drum heating will happen and in the second part mixing will happen. Dust will be sucked from the second part of the drum unit. What’s counterflow asphalt plant? Counterflow asphalt plant means the circulation of aggregates and burner flame will likely be opposite. It’s not like the normal drum combine asphalt plant. On this machine the aggregates enter the higher level of the drum and flow towards the decrease end of the drum. This is similar like the conventional drum mixer. The distinction right here is the presence of the burner unit. Burner unit is on the opposite finish of the drum unit.

This makes the movement of aggregates and path of the burner flame reverse and therefore the name counterflow asphalt mixer. Double drum – This includes two inline drums lined close to each other. The primary drum is only for drying the aggregates. It’s the larger drum of the two and has burner places reverse to the aggregate entry level. Pollution management is finished on the entry point of the aggregate. Which means that mud is sucked out earlier than the mixing takes place. Because the aggregates move in the direction of the other drum they get closer to the burner flame and hence environment friendly mixing takes place. Because the aggregates are transferred to the other drum they will be mixer correctly with bitumen and filler material. Single drum – As the identify suggests that is s single drum machine. The essential working concept is identical like double drum plant. The two drums are combined into one drum and burner is also into the alternative end like double drum design. The first half of the drum is heating zone and the second half of the drum is mixing zone. Burner outfitted right here is a long nose burner whose nozzles are lengthy prolonged in direction of the center of the drum. This means that the flame starts from the middle of the drum. Mixing of the material takes locations behind the flame. Drum and mixer – This design plant is similar like double drum design. Only distinction is that mixing is done in the pug mill sort mixer unit as an alternative of a drum unit.

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